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We understand how difficult it can be when making a big purchase, that's why, here at Precious Jewels UK, we offer a Lay Away payment plan.

What is A Lay Away payment plan?

A Lay Away payment plan allows you to order your piece of Jewellery, pay it off over a set period of time, and as soon as the last payment is recieved we can send out your product. This enables you to really spoil someone you love, without the pressure of paying all in one go.


Precious Jewels UK works very hard to fulfill our customers every wish. With this in mind we have a CAD imaging available so our customers can design their own piece, whether it be an engagement ring or a pair of earrings, you can be part of the proccess.

What is CAD imaging?

CAD stands for Computer-Assisted Design, and it gives complete creative freedom, a blank canvas to work from, and a 100% unique custom designs.

 CAD has been a great innovation for helping people see what they are going to get before they actually commission a piece of custom-made jewelry. The cost is minimal, and many revisions can be made until it is clear that both the customer and the jeweler understand what the other wants.

We use the Matrix CAD software here at Precious Jewels UK. Matrix provides jewellery-specific and jeweller-friendly tools to design virtual 3D jewellery on screen and create photo-realistic images of your designs. It gives us the most freedom to interpret our customers designs and turn the into a reality.  

Here is an example of how CAD imaging works in Jewellery design.


Whether you want white gold or yellow gold, a 4 pronged setting or halo. We can show you how your ring will look before you purchase it. Together we can create something truly stunning, remarkable and magical. It would be our priviledge to be a part of that process with you!

For any further questions about this custom service, or just to get some advice please call us on +44 161 720 5900 or find us on Twitter or Facebook We look forward to hearing from you.