18ct White Gold Fancy Colour Diamond Tennis Bracelet


Twenty two natural fancy colour diamonds set in this stunning bracelet.

As 5th generation diamond manufactures we are able to bring you genuine trade deals on diamonds and jewellery. For your peace of mind we supply a FREE independent report from one of the top five gem laboratories, your guarantee of authenticity and real value.

All our diamonds are 100% natural earth mined diamonds and have not been treated in any way.

Our diamonds are part of Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS). This process was established in 2003 to prevent "conflict diamonds". It ensures that diamond purchases are not financing violence or undermining legitimate governments, making our diamonds guaranteed ethically sourced and reliable from source to sale.

Additional Information

Product Information

Brand Name Precious Jewels UK

Jewellery Information

Metal 18ct White Gold
Weight (Grams) 19.4

Diamond Information

Diamond Shape Various
Diamond Weight (Carats) 19.80
Diamond Colour Natural Fancy Yellow
Diamond Clarity VS
Cut Grade Very Good

Certificate Information

Certification GIA
Certificate Number 3491001

18ct White Gold Fancy Colour Diamond Tennis Bracelet

High Street Price: £250,000.00

Our Price: £126,603.75

You Save: £123,396.25 (49%)

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Precious Jewels UK

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